Become a Wholesale Customer to get 25%off

Being a Member is $35 and works like a Costco Membership

Pay $35 to become a member and get all member perks including free education, private Facebook group and welcome package. 

This gets you 25% off of retail prices and the chance to earn product points to get free oils! (Who doesn't want free oils!?)

doTERRA Membership is an annual fee but at the end of your 12 months, its just $25 and you get a free Peppermint Essential Oil ($21 usually!)

Choose a Kit and the $35 is Waived

Below are my favorite kit options. There are a couple more to choose from but these are my absolute most popular and trust me, you will wish you got a bigger kit! When you decide to become a member and fill out your information, you will be able to see the other kits. 

A kit is really the most budget friendly option. doTERRA has specifically bundled these items together for the most savings and best oils for your dollar. 

Questions About Getting Started?

Choosing the perfect kit for your family can be overwhelming. We can get you what you need within your budget while targeting your main health goals. 

Feel free to book a private, NON-MEMBER wellness consult with Laura where you can ask questions and figure out which kit or products will be best for your household!

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Which Kit is right for you?


This is the perfect kit for someone who is ready to overhaul their life with natural products and oils. The Diamond kit contains every oil and all of the most popular products that doTERRA offers. Get ready to have your overall wellness change forever and for the better. With this kit, you will receive 400 free product points to use next month and 25% back in points with every order you place!

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Every Oil

This kit is for the person who wants to learn everything there is to know about oils. With this kit you will have every single oil that doTERRA offers at your fingertips. Your whole family will benefit from having each of these oils on hand at all times. This kit also comes with the new 10- hour Lumo diffuser and a coconut oil for diluting hot oils. 

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Natural Solutions

This kit is the MOST POPULAR starter kit because it offers a little something for everyone! This kit includes the Lifelong Vitality Supplements which are the foundation to good health. You get our top 13 oils to address the whole body. You also get to try our OnGuard immune boosting line, the Deep Blue rub and a wooden box to store your oils in.

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Home Essentials

This kit is another popular one and if you aren't ready to invest in the natural solutions kit, this is a great alternative! You will receive doTERRA's top 10 oils and a Petal diffuser to start using your oils right away. This is the perfect kit for Oil camp too! 

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Aromatouch Diffused

This kit is great if you are simply wanting to try, smell and use some different oils other than the top 10. This comes with an Aromatouch Technique card to guide you and is highly popular among massage therapists or even if you get massages regularly, take this kit with you! You will receive coconut oil for topical use and the Petal diffuser. 

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Family Essentials

This is our basic top 10 starter kit. This kit includes every oil that the Home Essentials kit offers, except in a smaller size, 5ml bottles. Perfect for families who just want to test the waters before they invest in more. This is perfect to use for Oil camp and trust us, you will want more after using these oils!

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Ready to get these Oils in your home?

Follow these steps to become a Wholesale Customer!

After you have chosen the kit you want, follow these instructions to get started.

  1. Go to
  2. Input your basic information.
  3. Select your account type.
    1. Wholesale Customer if you only want to purchase and use doTERRA.
    2. Wellness Advocate if you may want to share the oils to get your oils paid for, and/or create an income. Both memberships have the same perks and cost, the only difference is as a Wellness Advocate you can earn commissions. You can also upgrade at any point for free.
  4. Referral Information, it should have my ID number and picture but just in case it is 2029654, click Continue.
  5. Select your enrollment kit – any of doTERRA’s enrollment kits automatically include your wholesale membership so the $35 fee is waived! You can also add on any additional items at wholesale pricing below your kit. Just type it in.
  6. Review your order, select your shipping and enter your payment info and your order will be to you within 3-5 days!

After you become a member and get your Wellness Advocate number, please book a Lifestyle Overview with Laura to go over your health goals and how to start using your oils and products daily. 

This is a lifestyle change, we don't want these oils to just look pretty on your counter. We will teach you ways to get them incorporated into your everyday lives to make the most out of your investment!


Your membership includes free education and training at our Thursday night Flower Shop classes. If you are not local, we can provide online ZOOM classes as well! 

You will also be added to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and find answers, recipes, prizes and events. 

When you are officially a member, I will send you a welcome pack along with all the information you need to get started with using your oils! 

Oil Camp is another perk where you will get to learn how to use our top 10 oils that came in your kit! Lots of prizes and education you don't want to miss!

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