Thursday Oil Class at the Flower Shop

6:30pm at North Creek Florist

Having Essential Oil classes inside our flower shop creates an inviting space where everyone is welcome! 

Surrounded by flowers and plants while learning about the oils that they make.

This is a time to get all of your questions about ordering and products answered. We introduce different topics each week and sometimes even do a fun Make and Take! Come have an On-Guard Apple and get ready to learn.

Our Essential Petals Community

Long Lasting Friendships

Lila, Barb, Theresa and Lynnita are just a few of the petals that make up our Essential Petal Community. These ladies gather each Thursday night to learn about our precious oils and how to live a more healthy life. 

Opportunities with doTERRA

As leaders, we get to travel to doTERRA Headquarters in Pleasent Grove, UT to see first hand where our oils are distributed from and meet the wonderful people who make things happen. 

Find us at The Local Spots

We love health fairs, booths, and just sharing our love for oils in the community. Planting seeds that have the potential to bloom into beautiful Essential Petals.